snackLets kale chips in Goodies Co.’s September 2012 Taster’s Box

ImageIn September 2012, Goodies Co. asked snackLets to participate in the launch of its very exciting Taster’s Box monthly subscription connecting people to new and unique foods according to their specific taste profiles. This was a huge success for snackLets kale chips giving us nationwide exposure to a specific group of adventurous and healthy food enthusiasts.  Check out today and sign up for a Taster’s Box! 



snackLets Provides Next-Generation Snacking by Andy Coffaro, Sigona’s Farmers Market

An Interview with snackLets co-founders Laura Woo & Gina Song

Americans have long turned snacking into an art form. Let’s be honest here. If snacking were an Olympic sport, we’d be the favorites to bring home gold in London this summer.

The problem, of course, is the poor snacking choices we typically make. From processed cookies to greasy chips, there’s a reason why 36% of Americans are obese. Thank goodness we have Gina Song and Laura Woo, co-founders of snackLets, working tirelessly to create one of the most nutritious and best-tasting snacks you’ll ever devour. To achieve this, they naturally started with … kale?

“Both Laura and I are super passionate about food,” said co-founder Gina Song from their headquarters in Menlo Park. “Whether it’s preparing it, eating it or even watching the Food Network for hours, we’ve always gravitated toward food.”

These lifelong friends that have known each other since their middle schools days in Korea had a mutual friend in Los Angeles making amazing vegan kale chips they adored. Although Laura was in finance at the time and Gina was running her own doggie daycare business, they decided to perfect their own kale-licious recipe and go into business together.

Although only in business since early 2012, snackLets constantly receives praise and compliments from customers that devour their three flavors of kale chips (BBQ Giddy Up!, Double O Cheesy and Spicy Chili-lata). Considering the entire Sigona’s marketing team spent half of a meeting last month scarfing down these delicious bite-sized nuggets of nutrition, it’s not difficult to understand how they’ve come so far in such a short amount of time.

They’re Sneaky Good

American adults aren’t the only ones struggling with obesity. Recent research has childhood obesity rates soaring as high as 20%. snackLets is doing their part to chip away at this frightening stat.

“I have a two year-old boy and he hates any food the color green,” said Laura. “But these have been a huge hit because they taste so good. He eats them by the bag.”


Laura continued, “The kale chips are also really good for him because he’s allergic to milk. Because these are 100% vegan, his favorite flavor is still the cheese.”

For all the parents out there, snackLets Kale Chips are a great way to feel good about your child’s snacking habits. Kale is a superfood loaded with vitamin K, A and C – not to mention fiber. The masterminds at snackLets use a dehydrator to cook the kale at an extremely low temperature to ensure the nutrients don’t burn off. By adding their top-secret spices – and a dash of TLC – you’re presented with an unbelievably tasty snack that’s incredibly good for you. Heck, you can even sprinkle them on your salad for that extra crunch!

Looking Down The Road

When I asked our fearless entrepreneurs if they have any new flavors or products in the works, they said that while they do have a few new snacks hidden up their sleeves, they’re incredibly focused right now on their three flavors of kale chips.

“We do have a lot of fun things in the pipeline, but we want to grow carefully and be smart about it,” said Laura toward the end of our conversation.

For now, the local outfit is focused on provided Bay Area residents with one of the most unique, healthy and flavor-packed snacks on the market. Come snag a bag the next time you’re in the store. We’re positive you’ll love ‘em. (They’re free between July 19-26 when you spend $30 or more in the store.)

And feel free to contact Gina or Laura with any questions and comments. As Gina said, “The great feedback is what keeps us going.


Rave Review from Vegan Yack Attack, May 31, 2012

Review: snackLets Kale Chips!
by Vegan Yack Attack, May 31, 2012
We sent our product over to Vegan Yack Attack to review our kale chips and get an expert’s opinion on all things tasty and vegan!  Our flavor profiles did not let us down.  The chips were “…packed with flavor…” with Spicy Chili-lata coming in first place as the blogger’s favorite.  Our Spicy Chli-lata was reportedly “so GOOD [that she] had to seriously try [and] stop [her]self from eating the whole bag in one sitting.”


Spencer’s Vegan Market selects snackLets Kale Chips

The team of curators at Spencer’s Market chose snackLets KALE CHIPS as the best chips on the market!  Spencer’s Market is a personalized way for conscientious consumers to discover new foods from the highest quality, small-batch producers at easy-to-try prices. Offers are presented in a limited-time, limited-quantity format.

So, grab snackLets kale chips at an amazing 40% off retail price for a 4-pack bundle by clicking on this link: 

40% SNACKLETS KALE CHIPS SALE (*offer ends Wednesday, May 9th, 2012)


Sunshine Gardens Elementary School: Health Education Fair, April 21, 2012

The snackLets team headed out to Sunshine Gardens Elementary School on Saturday, April 21, 2012 to take part in their annual Health Education Fair and the 5k Fun Run/Walk!  Each year, the Sunshine Gardens Elementary School organizes this event with the goal of educating and promoting healthy eating and living.  This was our first year sponsoring and needless to say, we had a blast.  We met so many students and their families, spreading the word about the powerful benefits of kale and eating raw.  The kids kept coming back for more samples of our delicious kale chips.  Our kale chips were a huge hit and we hope to see everyone next year!



Natural Products Expo West 2012

snackLets hit the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim for our kale chip debut in March and we received such awesome feedback and support, we can’t WAIT to get our kale chips into a store near you soon!

Here’s our booth below, what do you think?

Here’s another shot of our Spicy Chili Lata set up!

We had such a blast and couldn’t feel our feet after three days of standing non-stop, but well worth it.  A successful debut of our delicious kale chips!!!! Snack Deliciously!